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Below is an interview with Canergy’s Founding Partner, James Fuller, to discuss some of the hilosophies and core values that drive the company.

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James Fuller
What had you originally take interest in the Cannabis industry?
I originally heard some amazing testimonials from friends and family with regards to medical use. After witnessing the effects for various physical and psychological ailments, I started diving into the research. The more I read the more I wanted to learn – and pretty soon I was immersed in the biotech side of the business. It just grew from there and pretty soon Canergy was born.
What makes the Canergy team unique?
Our management team is comprised of experienced private equity professionals and entrepreneurs. The team’s complementary backgrounds give Canergy a unique perspective on key players, events and forces shaping the cannabis and hemp industries. Our experience allows us to identify the right opportunities for the right investments – at the right times.
What are the current trends in extraction technology that investors should know?
Large Scale Supercritical CO2 Extraction and Distillation products are trending up in the legal and medical markets. Canergy’s investments are focused on these extraction technologies and products. Newer consumers are often attracted to cannabis for the health and wellness benefits that it offers. These consumers are more likely to prefer alternative delivery methods such as vaping over smoking.
Do you foresee a day where health insurance will cover various condition treatments with use of cannabis or hemp?
Yes, we do foresee insurance companies starting to cover for this new category. Most recently, GW Pharmaceuticals was just awarded FDA approval for Epidiolex, a pure CBD compound to treat patients with epilepsy. Over the next five years, we are likely to see both rapid growth and change for pharmaceutical cannabinoid-based products. New technologies reflecting alternative delivery means such as inhalation, sprays, topicals, non-synthetic formulations, and other applications are being created for other disease states. These companies should begin to see revenues, as crucial milestones of commercial availability are reached worldwide. These revenues will provide the basis for additional momentum, particularly as drug makers feel pressure from continuing opioid market decline.
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Canergy Capital is a private equity fund focused on ultra high growth sectors in the cannabis and hemp industries.