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The Cannabis & Hemp Private Equity Fund

Canergy Capital seeks to build a portfolio of global brands that will lead, legitimize and define the future of cannabis.

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Accelerating growth with Canergy

Canergy Capital LLC is a unique private equity fund dedicated to driving innovation in the booming cannabis and hemp sectors.

Focusing on the right business sectors

Our team of experts have developed strong industry relationships in real estate, agriculture, and large-scale processing related to bioscience.

Generate strong long-term return

We offer investors the ability to generate strong long-term returns through a select set of exceptional growth opportunities.


The Canergy strategy


Invest globally in cannabis and hemp licensed operators in medical and adult use markets.


Duplicate Proprietary Technology and IP in order to foster leading brands to the forefront of their markets.


Work with Executive Management Teams to create timely Exits through IPO's, mergers, and acquisitions.

600% increase Investment Focus

There has been an almost 600% increase in the global cannabis industry investments since 2017

Canergy Capital is a private equity fund focused on ultra high growth sectors in the cannabis and hemp industries. We apply rigorous analysis to determine the very best business prospects in each market across the country and use our operational experience to ensure the best results.

Canergy will initially deploy capital across several distinct sub-sectors within the cannabis industry:

40% Licensed Operators

Refining extraction technologies, leveraging IP and wholesale production and supporting branded cannabis products.

10% Ancillary

Investing in Banking Solutions, Apps, Packaging, Compliance Software, Lighting, Soil Additives, Agrotech.

15% Biotech

Biopharmaceuticals, Pharma Integration & Patented Proprietary Technologies.

35% Industrial Hemp

Bioplastics, paper, nano-materials, building materials, CDB, non-THC cannabinoids.

Our foundation for this fund

Our foundation for this fund is based on scientific innovation and a desire to make cannabis products safe, consistent and affordable


Combined more than 10 years of cannabis industry, private equity and startup experience


Invested in licensed mechanical IP and operators who specialize in proprietary extraction methods that are duplicable and scalable


Co-Investing with established Cannabis funds in US and Canada


Seed investor and 1st, 2nd & 3rd company have already been engaged and are ready to grow


We are positioned to be up and running when cannabis becomes nationally legal and the reputational risk is diiminshed


In an effort to support the cannabis community we will be donating 1% of all net profits to a non profit in the space

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Canergy Capital is a private equity fund focused on ultra high growth sectors in the cannabis and hemp industries.


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