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The name “Canergy” is the combination of two words:

Cannabis + Energy

Canergy Capital is a private equity fund dedicated to driving innovation in the booming cannabis and hemp industries. Our core values are based on scientific innovation and a desire to make cannabis products safe, consistent and affordable.

We provide investors with diversified exposure to new opportunities to create unparalleled value for shareholders

Founded by entrepreneurs with decades of experience in operations, capital markets, corporate finance and biotech, Canergy provides a unique combination and hands-on operating and management expertise to our clients. The Canergy team sees an opportunity to apply the science of cannabis alongside best practices for branding and marketing to create a culture of health and wellness. Since 2014, we have developed strong partnerships in extraction, hemp markets, bio pharmaceuticals, agriculture, real estate and financing.

Our investment capabilities are at the center of delivering what matters most to our clients. Beyond providing high-growth returns, we intend to invest in ways that help society at large, by helping revolutionize cannabis and hemp science.
Short biography

James Fuller is the CEO and Founding Partner of Canergy Capital, a private equity fund dedicated to driving innovation in the booming cannabis and hemp industries. As a veteran entrepreneur, he has combined his 20+ years of capital markets experience with his growing passion as a biotech pioneer – with a long-term vision for health and wellness.

James “Jimbo” Fuller Founding Partner

As the cannabis market ramps up to the tipping point, it creates economic potential the likes of which has never been seen before. It is no longer a question of if; it’s about being positioned properly to both grow the industry as a whole and gain the trust of the end user—through quality, consistency and brand loyalty.
Short biography

Alexander Furman is a dynamic, energetic entrepreneur, originally from Boston MA. Alex comes with a background in large scale commercial real estate and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the wholesale hemp market. Alex is working with his team to bring the vision of making cannabis and hemp products safe, consistent and affordable as the market soars globally.

Alexander Furman Managing Partner

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